Like Photos? So Do We!


We want your tattoo photos and showcase your amazing ink on our site.

Got a story behind your tattoo? Let us know and we’ll make a featured post about it (with your consent, of course).

Send in your photos and any details you’d like to include to

We’re working on an upload system so you’ll be able to upload directly to the site!

DeadRinger’s Brand Spanking New Site!

We’ve just created a new site for your viewing pleasure. This new site is easier to navigate with more information about DeadRinger Tattoo, our policies, practices, artists, new portfolios, and all the other super sexy stuff you love.

We have a Twitter now (finally)! Follow us @DeadRingerTats. We’ll keep you updated on the mundane and the insane goings on at the shop… We know you’re curious. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. ;)

New Additions to the Site Include

An Events Calendar that will include Shop Specials, Shows we’re attending (hope to see you there!), and more to come.

A Blog, obviously.

Brand New Portfolios with a constant flow of new photos.

A Search Bar for the kiddos that like instant gratification (read: all of us).

Commenting on Blog posts are now available without logging in and all that jazz (Comments do require your name and email address – welcome to the world of a false sense of anonymity).

Easy to like and easy to share. Show your social circle how f**king awesome we are!

Check out the site and let us know if you love it or *hate it.
*Disclaimer: Individuals that hate it will be promptly ignored and disregarded.

Ah we’re kidding! Any insight about the new site is incredibly helpful, good or bad. If you find a glitch, contact our Webmaster at She may avoid you for a bit if her workload sucks, but you’ll get a snazzy auto-response about how we appreciate the info and will address the issue promptly.

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